• Environmental Commitment
  • Minimize Your Liability
Environmental Commitment

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is at the core of everything Total Reclaim does—in our company mission, every service we offer, how we train our employees, and in every facet of our operations.  We not only meet legal requirements in our efforts to protect the environment, we surpass them in every possible way.  When it comes to the health and safety of our employees is concerned, no detail is left to chance. In each of our recycling programs we purchase or custom build cutting edge technologies, utilize innovative recycling processes, and commit substantial resources to operating the most state-of-the-art recycling facilities to be found anywhere.  It’s all part of being a truly global citizen, a friend of the earth.

If requested by customers, Total Reclaim will provide, or allow review of applicable records of electronic material going for recycling, final disposal, or reuse.

EHS Policy (Total Reclaim Inc.)

Minimize Your Liability


Protect your business and personal data when you recycle. Total Reclaim offers media sanitation or hard drive shredding for the ultimate in secure data destruction.

Total Reclaim maintains a high-security facility to ensure that all electronics are safely and securely recycled.  Total Reclaim standard procedures assure that all reasonable measures are taken to protect data retained in memory devices from theft, loss or release to unauthorized parties, from the moment we take control of the equipment through final data destruction.

Identity theft and loss of business data can be prevented. We offer a variety of services, including:

MEDIA SANITATION:  Data will be destroyed according to the requirements of and procedures set forth by the NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitation, with additional procedures implemented to address imperfections in hard drives which may cause overwrite sanitization applications to be unable to write obliterating data.

CERTIFIED DESTRUCTION: We can provide documentation that identifies your hard drive and when it was shredded. Certified destruction services are also available for unwanted or obsolete products.

WITNESSED DESTRUCTION: Watch your hard drives enter our industrial shredders and you’ll have no doubt that your data is beyond retrieval. The process can also be captured on video when requested.

Total Reclaim carries corporate and personal identity theft insurance. Call us today to discuss a secure destruction program for your organization.