• Asset Management and Data Destruction
  • Backhaul – Rural Alaska
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  • Custom Solutions
Asset Management and Data Destruction

Reusing surplus computers and electronics is good for the environment, but before this can occur, computers and other devices that contain sensitive data must be handled properly to protect your information.  Total Reclaim offers professional data destruction, including shredding and data wiping services for all memory containing devices.

Hard Drive and Electronics Shredder

The largest Hard Drive and Electronics Shredder in the Northwest

Data Destruction, Shredding and Certified Hard Drive Wiping

  • 100% Auditable and Certified Destruction Services
  • Destruction procedures that meet or exceed all Federal, State and Global Requirements (Sarbanes Oxley, GLB, FACTA and HIPAA)
  • We utilize proprietary tools to wipe hard drive, record serial numbers and create auditable certificates of destruction.
  • Total Reclaim operates the largest electronics shredder in the Pacific Northwest, capable of destroying any size or quantity of hard drives and any data bearing device including flash drives, CD-ROMs, floppy disks, copiers and tape drives.
Backhaul – Rural Alaska

Total Reclaim, has developed teaching tools and a website to assist rural Alaskan communities with managing their solid waste and recyclables. The site http://www.backhaulalaska.com/ was launched to provide a resource and information outlet for individuals working in remote areas. Our ultimate goal is to help communities throughout Alaska develop and sustain
successful backhaul programs.

The site provides information on the following:Airstrip5

  • Total Reclaim’s Backhaul Manual – the “how to” packaging guidelines for rural villages
  • Information on Total Reclaim’s Refrigerant Recovery Training and Certification
  • Information on obtaining supplies and equipment

Total Reclaim Alaska branch wants feedback from folks living and working in rural Alaska. Let us know how we can further help you address your unique solid waste and recycling needs, by contacting us directly at 907-561-0544.


It’s a fact of life that all computers and electronics sooner or later become obsolete. But it’s a fact of business that Total Reclaim offers the most comprehensive and secure recycling solution for unwanted computers and other electronic products in the Pacific Northwest. Through our state-of-the-art electronics recycling facility, Total Reclaim can handle every e-recycling situation your organization encounters:

  1. Recycle anything with a battery or a cord.
  2. Certify destruction of hard drives containing sensitive business or personal information.
  3. Come to your facility and pick up your e-waste, whether by the cartload or the truckload.
  4. Recycle all material in a way that is responsible to the environment as well as your reputation.
Light Bulbs

Recycling used fluorescent lamps is a tricky business. They’re bulky, fragile, contain hazardous mercury and take over entire storage areas, closets and basements. Thankfully, Total Reclaim’s sister company, EcoLights Northwest, offers a number of convenient & cost-effective, options to recycle fluorescent lamps, ballasts and mercury-bearing devices, while simultaneously protecting your employees, your business and our environment:

  1. EcoLights Recycling Kits—safe, convenient, pre-paid boxes for your old fluorescent lamps, CFLs and other devices. Just fill the box and ship them to EcoLights for recycling.
  2. Fiber Drums and other storage containers—we deliver empty packaging to your site, you fill them up, we take them away.
  3. Drop-off—feel free to bring your used fluorescent lights to any of our facilities or to a LightRecycle collection site.
  4. Whole Fixture Recycling—save even more time and money on your projectby simply recycling the entire light fixture instead of just the lamps.

For more information about how to easily and conveniently recycle your fluorescent lamps, visit the EcoLights or call 206-343-1247.


Not sure what to do with your heaps of dead batteries? Total Reclaim can recycle batteries of all shapes, sizes, chemistries and volumes. We have recycled millions of batteries for thousands of companies over the years. We know the laws, we know the process and, most importantly, we know how to reduce your liability and administrative costs. Here’s what we do:

  1. Assess your recycling requirements based on the types and quantities of batteries at your site.
  2. Establish a collection and recycling program.
  3. Educate your staff on proper separation, safe packaging and disposal while providing guidelines to ensure that battery shipments are delivered safely.

Sooner or later, every appliance reaches the end of the line. The question is what happens on the other side of that line? The answer is pretty simple. Total Reclaim offers tried and tested environmentally responsible recycling solutions for appliances large and small: refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, stoves, even restaurant and commercial equipment. We’ve recycled them by the thousands. Here’s how we make it work for you:

  1. Drop off your appliance or arrange for pick-up with Total Reclaim.
  2. We break down the appliances at our Kent recycling facility, eliminating waste that would otherwise enter landfills.
  3. The materials are separated and shipped off for further refinement, ultimately becoming feedstock in the manufacturing of new products.

Recycling and reclaiming refrigerants requires true expertise—something that Total Reclaim certainly understands. Each year our technicians recover and reclaim hundreds of thousands of pounds of refrigerant gases from all types of sources: HVAC units, air conditioners, industrial refrigeration equipment and marine refrigeration systems. Whether you need to remove a rooftop HVAC unit for a building demolition or have dirty refrigerant that needs to be cleaned, Total Reclaim can handle it. All of it. Here’s a few more reasons to trust Total Reclaim:

  1. Dedicated recovery support vehicles provide on-site refrigerant recovery to recover any volume of gas and meet any project schedule.
  2. Quick dispatch and job-site recovery to meet your critical situations.
  3. Purchase of your used refrigerants
  4. Sale of reclaimed refrigerant gases at competitive prices.
  5. Annual customer reporting and documented environmental compliance.
Custom Solutions

Sometimes the need for a recycling solution extends well beyond the boundaries of your typical recycling problem. Companies often need to recycle, or destroy, unwanted products due to recall, defective manufacturing, obsolescence or just “forces beyond our control.” Total Reclaim has extensive experience (as well as a variety of proprietary processes) dedicated to the destruction and/or recycling of various unwanted products–whether by the boxload or the truckload.  Here are just a few of the recycling challenges we’ve handled:

  • Faulty electronic toothbrushes and shavers
  • Recalled electronic measuring devices
  • Footwear that was not manufactured to specification
  • Warranty returns or manufacturer recalls

Our personal approach and technical expertise has made us the choice of business customers throughout the Northwest.